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 today is my 20th birthday :) <3 (2 answers)

 it's my 19th birthday!!!! it's tradition every year that i post when it's my birthday :P (3 answers)

 For those who have had a close person pass away, how did you deal with it? (anyone lose a sibling or best friend?) (6 answers)

 boxocereal: Not well...
 UnknownMisfit01: Just keep moving forward.
 coolguyz13: this year alone I have lost 5 people who were really close to me, one of my favorite teacher, my grandma and grandpa , my best friend dale and rich
 Darkness_prevails: Ididn't deal with it. Now I'm crazy and have emotional problems. So yeah..
 boxocereal: My dog died a few years back. =(

 am i supposed to do something crazy on my 18th bday? :P so far i watched boy meets world, ate some popcorn and opened presents haha (14 answers)

 Tmrw is my 18th birthdayyyy! I don't feel any different am i supposed to? lol (12 answers)

 Today is my birthday!!!! I am 17 now!! wowwww :O R rated movies ;) LOL!! it's my birthdayyyy!!!! (13 answers)

 LOL!!!! YOU GUYS!!!! I JUST GOT MR. FEENY'S AUTOGRAPH IN THE MAIL!!!! MR. FEENY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D ???? <--now it's a question :) (13 answers)

 I wanted to go to school today, but my mom made me stay home. O.O what should I do now? (20 answers)

 Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be an OLD person!! I will be a 16 year old girl ACK!! my worst nightmare!! SO OLD!! and pretty soon I will be bald and wrinkly and die of some weird disease..yay happy birthday to me.. (18 answers)



 haha! I was waiting for it to turn midnight so I could watch my birthday balloons disappear and to see my age change! I finally saw!! lol Ive been waiting for that all day. I was so curious to see how the balloons disappear o.O Have u ever tried it? (12 answers)

 TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! WHOOHOO!!!! lol ^.^ (16 answers)


 OMG!! YOURE SO SEXXY THAT YOURE MAKING MY EYES BURN!!! GAH!! *passes out on floor*--------------uh oh...I believe I flat lined O.O (22 answers)

 *drools* wow...you're so sexxy... (36 answers)

 OMEE GOSH!! GUESS WHAT!!!! I was walking home from school today and I passed a tree. Then it got really windy and something fell. I looked down next to me and it was a CHEESESTICK!! WTF!? O_O (30 answers)

 Have you ever had a day, that you never wanted it to end? What day was it? (41 answers)


 Does anybody know any sites to download movie clips? (26 answers)

 Name a song and the next person to answer this has to say what they think about the song...then they name a song and so on.... (84 answers)

 wow. you guys are having fun with that sentance question. lol OK, heres a new one. Say a word and the next person adds another word until a sentance is made. (99 answers)

 QUICK! What is the first song that pops into your head? (65 answers)

 Start writing a sentance and the next person to answer this has to finish your sentance----and on and on. lol (97 answers)

 What is the most weirdest or random thing youve done today? (26 answers)

 Look to your left, what do you see? (53 answers)

 Do you ever feel sad but you dont know why youre sad? (47 answers)

 Have you ever heard a song that you always listened to when you were younger and you remember always listening to it? *sigh* good times. (22 answers)

 paste something here (37 answers)

 What's your favorite tv show theme song? (46 answers)

 I noticed that PRIMO is usually the first to answer a question. Lets se if anyone can beat him. Can You?? (29 answers)

  Right click and paste!!! Right click and paste!!! (36 answers)

 What is your favorite tv show? (38 answers)

 What is your favorite song? (35 answers)

 Have you ever listened to a song that made you cry? What song? (65 answers)

 Are you on any other websites right now? If you are, what site(s)? (52 answers)

 Where is one place that you want to go to? (46 answers)

 What is your dream job? (54 answers)

 You ever just need to cry? (48 answers)

 If somebody threw a sausage at your head, what would you do with it? (47 answers)

 If you got a poptart for everything you said wrong.... (46 answers)

 Make a wish.... (44 answers)

 Do you ever feel happy and sad at the same time? (37 answers)

 Have you ever had a feeling that you can't explain? Like you don't know what you feel? (30 answers)

 Choose a flower.... (48 answers)

 I want Dean's '67 Chevy Impala! I want it so bad! Even though I can't drive.What do you want? (28 answers)

 "Driver picks his music, shotgun shuts his______" (18 answers)

 Twine! (Sam likes Twine) (14 answers)

 What is the most random thing you ever looked up? (I looked up twine on wikipedia just for the pic) lol (17 answers)

 One fish...two fish... (35 answers)

 Do you go on fanfiction.net? What stories do you read? (24 answers)

 You were extremely bored one day, you didnt want to go online so you just turned on the tv, there was nothign good on! What chanel do you leave it on? (31 answers)

 I have a question...very strange and yes...weird...but I want to see who will answer (If you had a bottle next to you and it had pee in it and you had the choice of choosing, will it be hot pee or cold frozen pee)LOL (26 answers)

 If you were jumpin on yur bed but you jumped so hard you flew out the window and bounced off a trampoline and were about to fall on the floor, who would you want to catch you? (24 answers)

 If you watch Supernatural, what is the funniest or strangest thing Dean has ever said on an episode? (12 answers)

 I feel weird right now...mixed emotions. Happy, sad, funny...weird. How do you feel right now? (24 answers)

 JARED! JENSEN! JEFFERY! (16 answers)

 Tom Welling! (22 answers)

 (ImOnTheEdgeOfBreakingDown)NOW I will ask you...lol If you could only meet one who would yu pick Jared or Jensen?? (9 answers)

 What are you eating! (28 answers)

 Whats your fave Smallville and Supernatural episode? (If you watch it) (17 answers)

 (Star_Girl14) OK! Now its your turn to pick! You gota pick! Jared or Jensen...mwahahaha! Feel the torture? heehee (8 answers)

 What time do you go to school? (39 answers)

 What time do you get out of school? (42 answers)

 New Smallville and Supernatural tonight! (11 answers)

 What grade are you in and how old are you? (47 answers)

 What do you and your best friend do for fun? (37 answers)

 What color is your bedroom? (55 answers)

 Hi PRIMO! Are you ever not on here? (7 answers)

 A munk A chunk A skunk (19 answers)

 Smallville and Supernatural premiere tonight! (16 answers)

 Does anyone watch Smallville on Thursdays? Or Supernatural? (25 answers)

 Did anyone watch The CW premeire launch party on tv? (18 answers)

 What show can you not miss? (33 answers)

 What celebrity are you obsessed with? (32 answers)

 Do you ever feel old? lol (40 answers)

 Are you obssessed with anything? (37 answers)

 Name 3 shows. One that makes you laugh, one cry, and one scream (18 answers)

 Who do you want to meet or see right now? (36 answers)

 Whats your favorite creature? Like fantasy creature or mystical. (36 answers)

 Make a wish, one thing you really want. (33 answers)

 What is your fave book? (44 answers)

 Have you ever had someone copy you. do everything you do all the time? (28 answers)

 Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki (only answer if you know who they are) (19 answers)

 Tell me a dream you had. (27 answers)

 What state do you live in? (63 answers)

 who is your best friend on this site? (38 answers)

 Does anyone know who Jared Padalecki is or does anyone else love him? Sam from supernatural? (26 answers)

 I LOVE Clark on Smallville! (26 answers)

 If you could have any superpower what would it be and why? (35 answers)

 What is your fave movie? (42 answers)

 What is your fave show? (42 answers)

 Favorite thing to eat while watching tv or a movie (33 answers)

 Fave holiday? (41 answers)

 Who is your celebrity crush? (53 answers)

 Name a random website. (52 answers)

 On Supernatural, who's cutest...Sam or Dean? (23 answers)

 What is your favorite bored game? (34 answers)

 Did anyone watch Kyle XY on abc Family? (29 answers)

 What do you collect? (44 answers)

 If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be and why? (39 answers)

 If you could pick one show that will keep making new episodes that is not making new episodes anymore, what show would it be? (55 answers)

 What do you do when you are bored? (44 answers)

 It's your chance to pick what show is on an all day marathon event, what show do you choose? (38 answers)

 QUICK! First word that comes to your mind! (59 answers)

 It's Friday night! QUICK! What movie do you plan for the night? (30 answers)

 Which tv show do you wish your life was like? (42 answers)

 Who is cutest out of the following: Tom Welling, Jared Padalecki, Milo Ventimiglia, Jensen Ackles, or Michael Rosenbaum (37 answers)

 Who is youre fave Grounded For Life character? (23 answers)

 Lukes or Al's Pancake World (23 answers)

 SUPERNATURAL FANS! If you saw the season finale, make up your own story. write yes on the bottom of this Q if you emailed it 2 me. Email to: Craly354@aol.com please send! (11 answers)

 Who is your fave actor/actress? (40 answers)

 Who is your favorite Supernatural character? (27 answers)

 Who is your favorite Gilmore Girls character? (50 answers)

 Who is your favorite Boy Meets World character? (77 answers)

 Who is your favorite Smallville character? (52 answers)

 Who is your favorite 7th Heaven character? (56 answers)

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