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AceGurl222's Q & A
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 Is there a problem with being bi, and dating a girl? Apparently there is, according to my so-called "Best friend" (5 answers)

 Phil Margera is the best....don't you agree? (3 answers)

 who likes From First to Last? (2 answers)

 Are there Avenged Sevenfold fans here? (3 answers)

 Do you like The Nightmare Before Christmas? I do, it rules (6 answers)

 Why do people put up fake pictures for their hottie picture? (8 answers)

 If you could get any tattoo, what would you get? (3 answers)

 Got MySpace? add me: www.myspace.com/pineapplesandbroccoli (2 answers)

 Will you be my lover I don't have to love? (1 answers)

 have you ever tasted ink? (5 answers)

 Don't Speak or Just a Girl? *No Doubt* (5 answers)

 Which No Doubt CD is better: Tragic Kingdom or Rock Steady? (5 answers)

 Is it sad that I couldn't even tell my crush that I liked him....in person? Because I think it is (5 answers)

 What do you do when you're like REALLY depressed and don't want to live anymore? (7 answers)

 Do you like Sharp Objects? (7 answers)

 who thinks Jepha from The Used is sexy? (1 answers)

 do you like pineapple? (7 answers)

 Anyone like Simple Plan? (9 answers)

 Who likes The Used? (9 answers)

 Does anyone else have System of a Down's new CD Mezmerize....because if you don't you should get it NOW (6 answers)

 who likes AFI? (8 answers)

 anyone like Bright Eyes? (8 answers)

 Anyone like Chevelle? (10 answers)

 What's your favourite quote of all time? (5 answers)

 Who likes Wild Boyz? (3 answers)

 Does anyone like The Bravery? (5 answers)

 is anybody listening? can you hear me when I call? (6 answers)

 nobody likes me....o well (5 answers)

 What's your Favorite Color? (22 answers)

 What's your Favorite Kind of Car? (8 answers)

 Would you bury me? Would you carry me TO THE END? (4 answers)

 who wants to burn the sun and burn the light with me? (3 answers)

 Who do you think should win American Idol this year? (4 answers)

 AFI.......Who likes AFI? (8 answers)

 What's so special about "Punk'd" anyway? (8 answers)

 Frank Iero is hot...I don't care if you don't know who he is...but he's f*cking hot (5 answers)

 Do you like My Chemical Romance? (14 answers)

 Bio-Dome...rules am I right? (6 answers)

 Do you like The Killers? (15 answers)

 Who thinks Billy Martin is hot? Anyone Anyone? (9 answers)

 Why does life in Wisconsin suck? (8 answers)

 Why do people judge other people too quickly? (12 answers)

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motivationmakersnetill go! truth! check out my website! i dare you to become super successful!
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