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 If the world was an aquarium. you would be a... (106 answers)

 sword, shield, or wand (73 answers)

 is anyone REALLY who they think they are? (63 answers)

 which would get your attention the most: 1) "hot girls Email me" 2) "hot single girls Email me" or 3) "Single girls Email me" (93 answers)

 who heres had their heart broken?  (196 answers)

 how many letters does ur name contain?! :D  (205 answers)

 greetings! I am Adam! but you can call me...  (134 answers)

 lots of games are being turned into movies, which video game would you like see adapted onto the big screen?  (65 answers)

 what was everyone's halloween costume?  (99 answers)

 boxocereal: I didn't dress up.
 UnknoWnMisfit01: I never wear one.
 SMILEYY: indian
 SHAE_loves_YOU: I was a referee.
 nodoubtjunkie: i was wednesday addams.
 Berry_girl: angel
 mickyminks: kinky devil as shown on my pics
 mymindkillsme: well, last year i was alice in wonderland.
 CeM1211: last year i was dragged into being snow white... this year my familys theme is from the austin powers movie... so aleast ill have something to work with
 mAy_dream2216: I was a Whoo from Whooville
 BreeMcKay: ha! school girl? I am that everyday. I was a gypsy that I threw together the night before halloween.
 StarBeam: school girl
 Dreamer89: supergirl
 shygirl1989: I was a fairy
 CrAzYbUtChY:  me and my gf went as vampires
 Actress_Star: a dead angel
 Starving_for_Perfection: I didn't dress up :(
 StarBeam: I went as a naughty school girl
 Nene77: erm.. i dont remember honestly.. OH! i was a Raven Girl..
 xoheysunshineox: i was a softball coach
 rlsjun87: I went as myself. SCARY! Actually, this year I didn't go trick or treating. I just sat in my dorm all night.
 MissWiNgs: this year I didn't dress up..
 2cuteTeddy4U: i didnt dress up this year i had to work but got off early so i just crashed at lee and garets house till like 2 or 3 in the morning but last year i was a slut...
 NYMPHO_GIRL: A bunny....That lost its coat. it was actually pretty sexy!!I wanted to be a wabbit bcuz they hump alot. Did u know that???
 lck_chick89: i was a vampire
 KissThisByotch: I was a G.I Jane..
 suzie15: a zombie
 HottieBlondie: last year i was a maid
 kisskid500: a bitch O wait that sme every day lol I was a witch
 PuNk_PrInCeSs12: a dead chick
 crazyfooo111: My blue thong and blue bra
 baby_and_laura: witch
 m0rbidAngeL07: i was a faerie..look in my photo album u bo nugget;]~
 kit_kat_: A Bunny ...lol...
 lilho1325: i was a hooker
 shelbi_89: I wasnt anything..didnt do it this past year!
 MurphyB2005: I was sick this year..so I was myself...or I was a sick college boy in bed :P
 hotRockerGurl24: i was eve and my boyfriend was adam... we definitely had the leaf thang goin!
 pReTtY_iN_pUnK27: gothic prostitute
 fadedmemory: I went Renaissance
 desiresweetness17: I was a maid this yr,a bunny last yr, and a sexy witch the yr before that
 The_Smooth_Move: Me and 6of my friends dressed up as the 7 deadly sins. I was Lust *blushes*
 smelly_belly_melly: i was nothing because halloween doesn't exist in australia :( we usually have our own one in our area but umm... someone forgot to organize it this year :|
 shinyeyes: nothing, didn't do anything for halloween :-/
 trend: Well, I was kinda a J-Rock Star, but I basically dressed like myself... but all the people thought I was dressed up anyways.
 angry_kitty: i didn't go out this year... i stayed home and watched scary movies and handed out candy to really cute little kids.
 sk8erfreak1: I went as a rock singer
 so_so_sexy: a can of hair spray <_<
 rebecca89: SHE TOOK MINE-----> SEXY NURSE!
 eener161: Sexy Nurse
 dancin_dragon: Sexy Tinkerbell
 got_punk: i was a high school student .. iam 1 .. so my costume didn cost a thing lol
 chicasha: i was a playboy bunny man was that fun!!!
 moondust_189: i went to a halloween party as a fairey..lol
 cutiepatutie5: i was grounded on halloween *cries*
 babyblue_shorty_69: nothing-lol-just kiddin, i threw on anything that looked weird, but was warm cuz it was cold here in iowa!
 cheer_up_emo_kid: lars from metallica...well thats what the vice-principal at my school was convinced i was...i wore my normal clothes though haha
 lost_without_hope: umm..last year i was the dude from happy gilmore!! muahahaha that was funny as hell!
 ~nicola~: Uh i'm a bit old for dressing up.
 PoMpOnIa: me and my friends dressed up as josie and the pussycats in 7th grade....and i was britney spears once...on the time i was a dallas cowboy cheerleader....and jasmine....haha good times
 JazzyJEM13: uhhh...i think i wuz and angel but i was at a party at a friends house and ended up changing back into "street clothes" halfway thru (it was tooo hot and the wings got in the way)
 star2007: i didn't dress up this year...i stayed home and studied for a Civics test...but hell, I still got candy and an A on the test, so it's all good!
 ~^UnToUcHaBlE-pOeT^~: heh i didnt need a costume to scare the kiddies.... actuallly i did... i wore a were wolf mask adn dark clothes, i got to scare kiddies in a maze :D
 callaisababe: i was my twin...Xalla
 Joe_Homeowner: I was Mithra.
 ashybaby18: the girl from the ring
 shamekissme: I was an angel :)
 Sakuya167: I was Little Red Riding Hood (going to a bar, or so it looked from my costume, lol) and my friend was the Big Bad Wolf.
 country_gurl9: cow for costume day, wendy for work<i work at wendy's> and a punk for bowling party
 sylverwolf: i was a goth but i had this coat and people kept on confusing me for a character from The Matrix
 alice_dj: I was dracula's bride

 whats your favorite song?  (130 answers)

 if I was a food, what would I be?  (91 answers)

 what is your job title?  (113 answers)

 read my quotes, what does each one mean to you?  (39 answers)

 Decribe me in one word! (if u dont know me, then make an assumption based on my personality and such in my profile)  (117 answers)

 I'm gonna be a paladin for halloween! I got the most of it but does anyone have any suggestions?  (48 answers)

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