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3dd_gurl87's Q & A
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 if you could be on any tv show for the new leading role what would it be (3 answers)

 I love him yet I hate him does that make sense (4 answers)

 have you ever gone to school with someone who liked like a celeb? If so which one? (4 answers)

 panic! at the disco or fall out boy? (11 answers)

 how long have you had a crush on your crush? (5 answers)

 "When I'm Gone" or "Here Without You"? (5 answers)


 boxocereal: Yes.
 xmorbidxhabitx: never
 thescrunchwithin: I wish it would.
 rogue_nymph: what drama?

 what's ur favorite song (and who it is by) ? (8 answers)

 where are you from? (11 answers)

 Simpsons or King of the Hill? (9 answers)

 Favorite phrase? (5 answers)

 Metallica: old school or new school? (9 answers)

 favorite kind of cookie? (12 answers)

 Best of You or DOA ? (4 answers)

 does anyone miss their bestfriend? if so, why? (10 answers)

 will someone try to im on aim? (4 answers)

 anyone on AIM and wanna chat? (7 answers)

 should marijana be legalized? (13 answers)

 Music is life, who else agrees? (11 answers)

 will anybody read (and review) my story??? I will return the favor (2 answers)

 skateboarding or bmx (7 answers)

 damn it's to quiet and I am bored (3 answers)

 anyone on my space? (6 answers)

 don't be afraid to tag my GB......... (2 answers)

 chevy or ford (8 answers)

 would u fall in love with your best friend? (4 answers)

 old school or new school (3 answers)

 hard candy or soft (3 answers)

 soda or water (7 answers)

 favorite reality tv show (4 answers)

 how did Kurt Cobain die? (Random Q) (9 answers)

 what college do u attend? (7 answers)

 who watches survivor? (6 answers)

 I need some more friends....but their in my head (1 answers)

 any lesbian chicks? (3 answers)

 if you aren't already out of school when do you get out? (3 answers)

 do you like to go camping? (4 answers)

 Favorite Linkin Park song (or lyric) (4 answers)

 Writing stories or poems? (8 answers)

 Coke or Pepsi? (6 answers)

 what should I do for a "topic paper"? (3 answers)

 what do you do for fun? Or when your bored? (7 answers)

 what's your passion? (5 answers)

 anyone wanna chat? I'm bored! (7 answers)

 what r ur future goals? (6 answers)

 anyone from Mississippi? (3 answers)

 poetry or novels (11 answers)

 lacrosse or baseball (3 answers)

 I miss my cousin!!! :( (4 answers)

 SoBe or Arizona Iced Tea (5 answers)

 the world's coming to an end! (6 answers)

 you're fired! (12 answers)

 whats the deepest secret you've kept from your family? (10 answers)

 whats up with all the damn sex questions (13 answers)

 whats that one cd or song you would die going without? (7 answers)

 at the cosession stand (movies) what do you buy (8 answers)

 favorite snack food (6 answers)

 i'm bored anyone wanna talk? (6 answers)

 who else is in school today? (10 answers)

 root beer or cream soda (19 answers)

 favorite song quote (13 answers)

 who else is getting sick of usher? (12 answers)

 if u could kill anyone right now who would it be? (15 answers)

 favorite jelly bean flavor (9 answers)

 y must life unlike it is in the movies??? why???? (6 answers)

 3 Doors Down fans: what's your fave song by them? (8 answers)

 does anyone want to be friends with me??? (5 answers)

 why does everything need to be so ****ed up? (9 answers)


 Drugs or Jesus (14 answers)

 MTV or VH1 (14 answers)

 3 Doors Down or Nickelback (12 answers)

 Korn or Metallica (12 answers)

 who else feels their life is ****ed up and only a certain song or cd can control or describe it? (7 answers)

 "kiss me while I'm still alive/ kill me while I kiss the sky/ Let me die on my own terms/ Let me live and let me learn" (4 answers)

 anyone else like that show "Lost" on Weds. nights? (7 answers)

 any other seniors (high school) not going to their prom? (4 answers)

 if u could be in a music video which one would it be (6 answers)

 totally forgot what I was going to say....don't u hate it when that happens? (6 answers)

 I am in love with that song "Obession" by Frankie J!!!!!!!! (8 answers)

 anyone here a part of FBLA? is so from where? (4 answers)

 I'm reading a book called "A Wizard of Earthsea" in my Creative Writing class..... (4 answers)

 whats the best prank (7 answers)

 whats ur fave tv show? (11 answers)

 what am i doing here? (7 answers)

 does anyone on here write novels? if so what's the title/chapters (7 answers)

 any cool teen novels out there (in book stores I mean) (10 answers)

 What's a good movie to go see or rent? (10 answers)

 chocolate vanilla or strawberry (17 answers)

 Hav u ever met a famous celeb up close & in person (rock band/singer/actor/actress) (10 answers)

 I have feelings for my guy-friend the problem: he does weed & drinks& has a record, my family knows nothing about this & I'm worried that if they find out they might not want me hanging around him again...what should i do??? (7 answers)

 What song describes what ur going through (11 answers)

 Simple Plan or Good Charlotte (11 answers)

 if you saw ur bestfriends notebook and saw that she was obsessed with some kid that u know, would u reveal to that person (10 answers)

 if you saw ur bestfriends notebook and saw that she was obsessed with ur bf (or) gf what would u do? (15 answers)

 runts or nerds (12 answers)

 favorite candy? (14 answers)

 what's the worse thing u've gotten int trouble for @ school (17 answers)

 admit it: once u were a 3 doors down fan (14 answers)

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