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-Sigrid-'s Q & A
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-Sigrid- has 43 questions total.
-Sigrid- has answered a total of 28,873 other questions.

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 When's your "bedtime"? (323 answers)

 SerenaLH: when my eyes hurt
 frostyonfire: When the pants come off and the lights dim down. What can I say~
 PatRicia_A_95: lol when i go to bed!!! I don't have a bedtime lol :p
 Jackyme: Only Losers have Bedtime.. Pshh! Lol
 vampirelover0712: depends on how tired I am
 boxocereal: Whenever I want.
 mary_anita2012: 7:45 on week days and 12 on weekends..
 Milov: I try to get to sleep at about 10pm, sometimes I go to sleep much earlier, or sometimes much much later.
 being: as soon as my laptop dies
 jessiecullensolo8908: depends if i want to pull an all nighter
 zippy1357: whenever my hw is done, ex. it's 4:55 don't ever take international relations...you won't ever get to sleep
 jewel_thats_me: whenever
 Mirencity: 11:30... and I have to wake up early =[
 Rawr_Princessxo: whenever i want on weekends. by 11 on the school week
 Torpex: schooldays: 9:30 anytime else: whenever
 logomaniac: Whenever my insomnia relents enough for me to sleep.
 naturalbluegirl08: basically when i get bored watching tv
 ttYn19: whenever i get done chatting
 annoyedtonoend: supposed to be at 9 but I stay up later to read or talk to my best friend.
 Asmartgirl15: 5am lol
 chuchu1218: when Im tired.
 audi732: whenever
 2lonely: I don't have one! I choose when and what time to go to bed. I am smart about it and pick a time for the next day.
 Static_Chaos: whenever im sleepy. which is never
 kayla_thing_2: 9:30
 bluegem120: 9:30 ish :]
 LatestFlame: This is the truth... in a 1 week period a month or two ago my bed time was midnight, 4 AM, 6 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM, etc.... almost any time possible.
 numba324life: Weekdays 11:00pm & Weekendz 3:00am
 dolphin_girl1990: whenever i feel like it
 Car_Crash_Heart: whenever I feel like it. during the summer it could be anywhere between 10pm and 5am. during the school year i force myself to go to sleep between 10pm and 12am though
 jman700: when i want it to be lol
 br00klyn18: anythime after 1 am
 sammie_18: don't have one
 Sinny: I don't have one, but I generally go to bed between 10 Pm and 1 am
 BsuBritny: Very late!
 prettyfulbabe511: No bedtime. But I usually hit the hay around 1 or 2 am.
 eSkaMa_yO: around 10 - 1am
 boxocereal: Around 4 AM
 x0MaRiAx0: whenever i want but i cant get out of my room lol
 princess_girl6344: usually about 11:00 Eatern
 kaiyote: Generally between 10:30 PM and 2:00 AM, but it varies.
 Allexius: When ever I feel like going to bed
 PolkadoT_VenoM: Sometime around midnight on school nights... weekends, whenever.
 minnie_saffie: when i can force myself to get away from this pc
 Corona_Dragon: When I feel like sleeping
 torchic137: Sometime after my mom says go to bed and before she threatens to unhook my computer.
 torchic137: Sometime after my mom says go to bed and before she threatens to unhook my computer.
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 Omni314: normally about 2 in the moring
 lucky_lindsey: 11 pm on school nights and whenever on weekends
 deviancedistressdysfunctionaldanger: whenever i pass out...
 moenoknow: Whenever I decide to go to sleep.
 Sami76: I will be sleeping today around 1 p.m.
 FuturePirate: between 10 pm and midnight
 boo17: When I can't get my eyes to stay open.
 NRGnXTC:  when you come to mine ;-)
 misslooking4niceguy: Don't have one
 Briansgal12: whenever the hell I feel like it
 galacticlygorgeous: I TRY to go to bed sometime between 9:30-10:30, but it usually doesn't turn out that way...
 CKRme: whenever i feel like it
 scorpiojlb1: Anytime
 mommy_2_be: when im tired.
 CrAzYbUtChY: when ever i feel tired i guess
 Infatuated_Killer: whenever, wherever
 xox_babytish_xox: during the school year on week days its 11pm ..
 boarderlyne17: don't got one
 FantasyFaerie: when I work it's 11
 onelove13: whenever
 mad111705: parents say like 9 but i find sumthin 2 do til i wanna go 2 sleep
 sexysammy: when ever i effing want
 Actress_Star: dont have one. go to bed when im tired usually either 12:30 am or 2:30 am
 Dasher: 10:30pm during the school year....but during the summer...who cares about a bed time
 kali110: whenever i want
 jasjas90: im a big boy noew - bed times when i say so!lol
 kierra_marie: whenever i get sleepy
 Bored_2day: I don't really have a "bedtime" but I try to fall asleep before midnight.
 just_a_punk_chic: Whenever I garsh darned well please..
 Laura_Elizabeth: whenever i pass out.
 so_confused: whenever i can wake up from the couch and make it to my bed
 chemicalheart: When I'm tired which is usually early between 9 and 10. I'm such a loser.
 heartz15: whenever i feel like going 2 bed
 tictac93: Nine.... Pshsh.
 Scarlett87: whenever i want it to be really
 the_child_of_fear: Yeah, whenever I want. But I'm supposed to be asleep by 12 midnight lol
 lilmizprissy08: whenever i fall asleep..
 roxyfoxykisses: when ever i crash
 xoxlilbabiexox: whenevr i close my eyes nd fall in2 what is known as 'sleep' :D
 kevinsmalls: Whenever i managed to fall asleep.
 Guard_Chick: when ever i fall asleep
 Queen_Of_Chaos: whenever the hell i want to go to bed
 Demons_Child: when ever i want
 ladytee4eva: when ever i go to sleep
 kate09: when ever
 audi732: now
 l___19: when i fall asleep
 bethanie1: whenever i'm tired....be it in the middle of the day, that's fine. lol
 CutiePieKristen: whenever i fall asleep...usually around 3 or 4! homework can be a biotch!
 sweetpoisongirl19: whenever i fall asleep or when i get off the phone with my bf
 Ismall: tierd o'clock
 Crazedteen89: Whenever I go to sleep
 Crazedteen89: Whenever I go to sleep
 ShadowStain: Whenever
 pallidpurple: It's supposed to be 10:30 'cause I have to wake up early...
 WildDove: untill I pass out
 numba324life: Anywhere from 12 to 4 am
 Bekkiblueeyes: I don't have one, some nights I don't even go to bed
 Gothsheart2006: when ever i feel like it
 SammyG1424: I dont have one...
 supaboy47: wheneva i get sleepy
 WhatAreYouWaitingFor: Whenever it's reasonable.
 xmorbidxhabitx: anytime before 3
 greendaybabe_07: whenever i fall asleep! lol
 Tyasiacutiepie: whenever i close my eyes mostly 2 or 3 am
 mindnbody2: anywhere from 10:00pm to 2:00 am
 serenity_hawk: 8am-ish
 SilverFaerie: Whenever
 dezie99: 9:30pm
 JackxXxSally: 5am cause thats when I pass out
 FreakyPhilos05: Don't have one... but, if I'm smart, I'll be in bed by 1:30
 queenb12810: somewhere btween 11 and 12
 sweetninnocent05: Whenever i finally pass out...usually not much before 3 or 4 in the morning.
 keydee13: i don't have a bedtime
 babygurl064lyfe: when ever i fall asleep
 lacystar: when ever i want to go to bed
 punkypunker69: never
 kamerea: 10:00
 babypiglet: when i fall asleep
 ckrme: whenever I decide to go to bed
 Ravnari: Around 10-12
 baby_beautifull_07: When i feel like going to sleep
 Unknown_One: never do not sleep
 surfbaby66: whenever I get tired..
 meetme2nite18: don't have on
 nhssoccerbabe: whenever i fell lyk it
 mymindkillsme: Whenever I feel like it.
 chacalate: i dont have one
 cherylynn_14: school year- week nights=10 weekends=2 am..summer-everyday=2am
 starry_nights_2008: Whenever I feel like going to bed.
 blonde_cheerleader4life: Whenever my eyes close and I fall asleep..:)
 babygal_1234: weneva i wnt
 LilMissShorty: wen i ****ing feel like it
 engalashwoman458: when i want to go to bed
 xbangbangx: when im tired
 LILkittyCAT4u: whenever im tired...
 candybaby17: whenever I feel like it
 cutemomma: whenever my baby is asleep...I am too. lol
 666Slipknot666: umm depends 10 on school nights, whenever on the weekends...
 aLmOsThEre15: ain't got one......
 KittieKat8181: whenever I fall asleep
 thisnameoffendsme: don't have one
 torirae: well through the week i like to be in bed by 11:30 but on the weekends i just pass out when i pass out lol
 Psycholady: between midnight and 1am on school nights and whenever on the weekends
 CocoaGoddess07: When I fall asleep
 psycho24: As soon as class starts
 gangsta_mami: depends on how tired i am
 KeepinItReal14: I sleep when I'm tired... sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes at night... it changes
 hotshothayes: depends on how long it takes my to do my AP history homework :)
 allaplgs: 9 30 I do it myself though
 gc_is_all_mine: mine is the same as blonde bomshell. but i dont listen to the rents.
 iamsamiam: 10 to 11 (weekdays) 3 to 4 (weekends)
 blondebomshell: 9:00 gay huh?
 poetryluva15: whenever..
 lvly5226: 7:55, when school starts!!
 Valigon: 1st hour in school
 lil_mizz_innocent: when eva i feel like goin to sleep...usually ends up bein between midnight an 2 a.m.
 cwg1: whenever i get tired.....8:00 on weeknights lol
 coolkid19878: Whenever I'm done with my HW which ranges from 10:30 to Midnight
 xnyceCurVesx: when im tired
 x_the_end: When i feel like sleeping
 missangel: when i feel like foing to sleep
 UKStyle: between 1 and 5
 joker6189_07: When ever my brother wanted to go to bed with me
 fae_dragon: What bedtime? -^^-
 kimbo5002003: On a school night 10:00 on the weekend whenever I want
 heartonawire: whenever i fall asleep
 hejny06: Wheneva I am tired
 Whatevafoo2: 2 am
 PsychoTexasChicky520: when I fall asleep
 FaDeDsMiLe: on a school night i gotta be in my room by 10 but i usually dont go to sleep till like 12-1
 matteo716: usually around 5am...(when i get off work) or if i miss that window sometime around 3pmish.....
 ShatteredGirl: when ever the hell I fall asleep
 ChErRyKiZzEz_23: Wheneva
 BetterKnown_AS: between 10 and 11 pm
 babydoll244: whenever i want to go to bed
 nicole9008: 9 pm
 Advance_Advicer: WHENEVA HAHAHAHA
 PinkCuteeTink: whenever i feel like it
 princess4586: dont have one
 dixie_darling17: anytime i please!
 blk_infiniti22: whenever
 cagurlie5: Whenever I want...
 Cutegirl13: 10-11
 karuko: When I'm tired..
 MysteriousPoet91: School night- I have to be in my bedroom about 11:30 but she doesn't expect me to sleep she just wants to get rid of me for the rest of the day non school night- whenever
 lilaznbabiigerl: School night... Um... 10 or 11... Non-School Night... UNLIMITED
 Benjamin_Knight: Don't have one... When the homework is done more or less...
 NamelessReverie: When I feel like going to bed.
 s_angel2:  Whenever i want it to be i suppose.
 ronkana: i've gotta go to bed at 9 on school nights
 Angry_Kitty: whatever i want.
 kelso411: wat is this witchery u speak of..."bedtime"...
 CBdevilangel1517: when ever
 Debbiee: Any time i Want
 coco_kitty: between 8:30 and 10
 sxychica123: anytimes i want, when eva i pass out hehe
 simple_charlotte_day: i don't really have one
 ScottTheNiceGuy: I call it after a night around 10PM since I am a morning person
 SilentEcho: i dont have one
 sandomella: when im ready for bed, its usually 1am
 aliwaliwoo: When homework is done
 cox2: whenever i get to school
 Yemik: when they give me pills.
 akittybaby: When the voices in my head start to make sence.
 psgman2: 8:30am => school
 _WickedNinjette_: whenever my eyes yell at me
 confused_u_2day: i dont have a bed time

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