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-Sigrid-'s Q & A
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-Sigrid- has 43 questions total.
-Sigrid- has answered a total of 28,873 other questions.

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 Anyone ever ask decent questions on here anymore? (9 answers)

 So how long have you been sitting there? (19 answers)

 This isn't too much trouble for you, is it? (10 answers)

 Can you answer this question with a LEGITIMATE question? (Not one-worded responses or statements formed into questions) (40 answers)

 Anyone home? (37 answers)

 My sister sounds so fake while she's talking to someone on the phone. I hate it. Do you put on a voice when you're on the phone? (157 answers)

 Why are we asking stupid horny questions anyway? Who the eff does that? (59 answers)

 I just LOVE how we blatantly disregard the proper use of the English language and our Caps Lock button. Don't you? (77 answers)

 Are we gonna stick with QUESTIONS this time, unlike yesterday and last night? (38 answers)

 I love how it's the same people and the same questions everytime. Don't you?\ (50 answers)

 What is the meaning behind your name (not your user name)? (135 answers)

 When you're putting on pants or shorts, what leg goes in first? (215 answers)

 Why can't you people freakin' spell correctly?! (320 answers)

 How do you say Uranus: "your anus" or "urine is"? (199 answers)

 Dudes...did you know that I'm a female? (154 answers)

 Have you ever thought that the Bible was just metaphorical and a majority of the stuff written in it was fake? (192 answers)

 When's your "bedtime"? (323 answers)

 Make up a name of a group in which the acronym is P.H.U.C.K. (192 answers)

 So...what's your school mascot? (328 answers)

 What are your school hours? Mine are 7:50-2:15. (245 answers)

 Since we're on topic, who here has been victimized in one way or another by either Eddini, Cardtrickster, or Spaced_Out_Kat? (60 answers)

 Do you speak out what you're about to type? (169 answers)

 Turn your head to the right. So tell me. What the hell are you gawking at? (155 answers)

 I freakin' can't get drunk, whatsoever. What do you recommend I drink? (161 answers)

 You snore!! Don't lie. Do you snore?  (178 answers)

 How musically talented are you?  (176 answers)

 FUCK LABELS.  (132 answers)

 Left-handed or right-handed?  (253 answers)

 What religious preference are you?  (171 answers)

 Bite me, moron. LoL I'm sorry. I'm bored. How would you react if I actually said that to you?  (159 answers)