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-Rockin-Wiv-Roach-'s Q & A
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-Rockin-Wiv-Roach- has 62 questions total.
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 Do The Darkness Remind Anyone Else Of Queen... Or Is That Just Me?  (5 answers)

 Any Of Ya Done Anything For Red Nose Day? (7 answers)

 Any Cuckoos Out There Wanna Come Live In My Clock? (8 answers)

 Who Thinks Toilet Paper Should Come With Instructions? (8 answers)

 Can I Trademark/ Copyright My Name & Sue All Becki's Or Rebecca's Alive? (2 answers)

 I'm Gunna Make Some Braille Alphabet Soup For The Blind... Good Idea? (6 answers)

 When People Loose Weight, Where Does It go? (8 answers)

 What Happens If You Smash A Mirror With A Rabbits Foot Whilst Stood Next To A Black Cat? (5 answers)

 Do Sheep Count Humans When They Try To Sleep? (5 answers)

 If You Shout At Plants Instead Of talking To Them (Not That I Do Of Course) Do They Grow To Be Troubled, Insecure & Frightened? (4 answers)

 If You Try To fail, And Succeed At Failing... What Exactly Have You Done? Failed Or Succeeded? (3 answers)

 Why's Mr.Universe Always From Earth? FIX I TELL YA! (3 answers)

 If A Synchronised Swimmer Drowns, Does Her partner Copy? (2 answers)

 Do Infants Enjoy Infantry As Much As Adults Enjoy Adultery? (2 answers)

 SELF-help >GROUPS< ?! How They Manage That One Then! (1 answers)

 Do One-Legged Ducks Swim In Circles? (5 answers)

 Why Say "Sleep Like A Baby" When Babies Wake Up Screaming Every 2 Minutes? (2 answers)

 Did You Know The Average Person Swallows 7-8 Spiders In Their Sleep Each Year? Hope I'm not Average! lol (8 answers)

 If women wear a pair of pants, a pair of glasses and a pair of earrings, why don't they wear a pair of bras? (5 answers)

 Do Cats Have Belly Buttons? (6 answers)

 Queens Of The Stone Age... Why Not Kings? Their All Male. (6 answers)

 Why Do Our Feet Smell Whilst Our Noses Run? (4 answers)

 Does The Fridge Light Stay On All The Time Or Just When You Open The Door? How Do You Know?! (6 answers)

 Is The Grim Reaper Good Or Evil? (3 answers)

 How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Centre Of... A MARBLE?!?! (4 answers)

 Will The Roses Ever End?! (2 answers)

 OK, I saw the ring yesterday and it scared the shit outta me! it dint scare no1 else i know so erm, it scare any of you?! (4 answers)

 Anybody Sleep Walk? (9 answers)

 Anbody Sleep Talk? (20 answers)

 I Got A Really Sore Throat & Can Hardly Talk (Lil bit Of Peace!) ... Any Cures?! (15 answers)

 How Come On American TV, The English People All Talk Snobby Proper English In Those Goofy Accents That Nobody Except The Queen Has? (12 answers)

 Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar? (17 answers)

 Anyone Else Noticed That All The People On Here Who Claim 2 Be Gorgeous & Gods Gift 2 Earth Etc Never Have A Pic On Their Profile? (21 answers)

 Cannabis Linked 2 Depression & schizophrenia, oh my! every one i knows gonna be schizophrenic by the time there 26 if their right about this!! (5 answers)

 Meet The Parents: Grumpy Immature Dad, Intrusive Crazy Mum... Is It Safe To Let My bf Anywhere Near Them?! (4 answers)

 Have Blink 182 Split Up Or Am I Being Lied To? (6 answers)

 Why Are Newspapers/ News/ Magazines/ TV Programmes etc ALL Trying To Put Me Off Chicken Nuggets?! (5 answers)

 Why Are People Scared Of Clowns?! I Just Cant See Why! Anyone Here Scared Of Them? (15 answers)

 Are YOU A Kombucha Mushroom Person Or Am I The Only One? (7 answers)

 Anyone remember Peter Andre? =~D heehee!! (5 answers)

 What's A Tootsie Pop?! I keep on seeing the question "how many licks it take to get to centre of a tootsie pop?" & i have no idea what it is!! is it a lolly or something?! (10 answers)

 What would you say is the WORST movie ever? (16 answers)

 Is it bad to be obsessed with something? Not like Crazily obsessed... just slightly obsessed... (16 answers)

 Do you all think i look young considering i'm 17 soon? everyones calling me babyface =( (11 answers)

 Penny for the guy? please? I'm gunna make a well great guy I am...!! (7 answers)

 any 1 else think Justin Timberlake is a Gay Lil Minger, or am i alone on this 1? (19 answers)

 what you all doing on bonfire night!! who cares about halloween what about bonfire night!! or guy fawkes night, plot night, whatever u wanna call it!! (8 answers)

 If You Could Visit Any Planet Which Would You Visit? (21 answers)

 I Gotta Dress Up 4 Halloween In Skool Got A Choice Of Draculas Bride, Frankensteins Bride Or Chuckys Bride, Help me Choose! lol (16 answers)

 Pauls left a1! OMG! Am I The Only 1 Who cares?! lol (14 answers)

 If "The Laughing Cow" Laughed Real Hard, Would Milk Come Out Her Nose? (11 answers)

 Whats ur fave Ice Cream Flavour? (43 answers)

 Do any of you think dreams have meanings? (38 answers)

 I'm 16, 17 this year and going into year12 at skool making me a lower 6th former, wot would i be in US? just curious (18 answers)

 Does My New Picture Look Stupid? Should I Put A Diff 1 Up - Of Sum 1 Else Other Than Me! (15 answers)

 Any 1 Out There Get Exam Results 2day? Are You Happy Wiv Them? (4 answers)

 Any 1 Got Any Tattoos? If So What & Where? (And Did It Hurt?!) (16 answers)

 Can Anybody Fink Of A Name 4 My New Lil Fwiend? (My Kitten) (17 answers)

 Can Some1 Plz Explain 2 Ikkle English Me WOT THE HELL PREPS & JOCKS ARE?!?!? (16 answers)

 If A Tortoise Has No Shell Is It Homeless/ Naked? (24 answers)

 Ever wanted anything so badly it hurts inside? (30 answers)

 Any 1 wanna say Hi 2 the new girlie...(me)...yes u do...!! (26 answers)

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