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All Scores
Here is a list of all the scores you can get on the site. Next to each score is a description of what you need to do in order to get that score. To claim a score, all you need to do is visit your Scores page on your profile.

7teens - Active
Users with this score:  21
Description:  Users who are lucky enough (or hot enough) to win the weekly 7teens contest will get this score!

Articles - Inactive
Users with this score:  315
Description:  Users who successfully submit an article will get this score.

Auctions - Active
Users with this score:  89
Description:  Any user who wins an auction prize will get this score.

Cam Portal - Active
Users with this score:  15
Description:  Users listed on our cam portal get this score.

Casino - Active
Users with this score:  1,698
Description:  Any user who wins a specific game in the casino on any given day will wear this score for life!

Cock Fighting - Active
Users with this score:  8,446
Description:  We have a cock fighting game somewhere on the site. Because our site's so big, we've forgotten where it is, but if you can find it, you'll get this score!

Counter - Active
Users with this score:  2,953
Description:  Users who have a counter in our counters section will get this score.

Forums - Active
Users with this score:  2,648
Description:  Users who have 100+ posts in the forums will get this score. Users who have more posts will keep getting bonus scores for each level they reach (100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, and 75,000)

Friend of SCN - Active
Users with this score:  48
Description:  Users who are generous enough to donate to the site and become a friend of SCN will get this score.

Groups - Active
Users with this score:  10,937
Description:  If you're a member of an active group (a group with 1,000 or more hits) you'll get this score.

Guestbook Tag - Active
Users with this score:  11,441
Description:  If you have 50 tags or more in your guestbook (from someone besides you), you'll get this score.

Guestbook Tagger - Active
Users with this score:  12,510
Description:  Users who make 50 guestbook tags or more will get this score.

Hotties - Active
Users with this score:  14,617
Description:  To get the hotties score, you need to have a hottie photo up with 10 votes or more.

How Well Do You Know Me? - Inactive
Users with this score:  5,780
Description:  If you complete the survey "How Well Do You Know Me?", you'll get this score.

Insults - Active
Users with this score:  4,852
Description:  Users who make an insult in the Trash Talking section of our site will get this score.

Journals - Active
Users with this score:  5,127
Description:  Users who have 10+ journal entries get the journals score. The more entries you have, the higher your score will get.

Link Exchange - Active
Users with this score:  1,260
Description:  If you join the Link Exchange, this score is yours!

Login to Win - Active
Users with this score:  23
Description:  The lucky users who win the Login to Win game will get this score along with their prize.

Match - Active
Users with this score:  677
Description:  Users who have 5 or more friends on Match will get this score.

Messenger - Active
Users with this score:  24,089
Description:  Users who list an AIM name, a Yahoo Messenger name, an ICQ number, or an MSN Messenger name will get this nifty score.

My Q & A - Active
Users with this score:  11,048
Description:  To get all of this score, you need to ask 10 questions and answer over 100 questions.

Organizer - Active
Users with this score:  2,095
Description:  5 addresses + 5 calender entries + 1 note = another score for you.

Pets of War - Active
Users with this score:  350
Description:  Users who have a pet that's level 99 will get this score.

Photo Album - Active
Users with this score:  7,073
Description:  Users who have 10 photos in their photo albums will get this score.

Photo Critic - Active
Users with this score:  963
Description:  Are you a photo critic? Leave 100 feedback messages or more in the photo albums and you'll get this score! You can leave feedback in anyone's album!

Poetry - Active
Users with this score:  4,941
Description:  Users who have 5 or more poems will get the Poetry score.

Point Wheel - Active
Users with this score:  2,421
Description:  Users who are lucky enough to get over 200 points on the point wheel will get this score.

Points - Active
Users with this score:  14,909
Description:  10,000+ points will earn you this score. Users with more points will get to see their score change as they gain more points.

Popular Profile - Active
Users with this score:  4,545
Description:  Do you have a popular profile? How many hits does it have? If you get over 1,000 hits on your profile, you are eligible for the Popular Profile score. Get 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, and 50,000 hits to get bonus scores!

Profile - Active
Users with this score:  160,045
Description:  To get this score, all you need to do is have a profile. How easy is that??

Profile Picture - Active
Users with this score:  11,802
Description:  Users who have a profile picture will get this score.

QOTD Suggester - Active
Users with this score:  601
Description:  Users who suggest a Question of the Day and get their question chosen for a day will get this score.

Question Game - Inactive
Users with this score:  714
Description:  Users who played the Question Game 10 times or more received this score.

Question of the Day - Active
Users with this score:  1,588
Description:  Users who answer 10 QOTD (Questions of the Day) in a row will get this score. Questions do not necessarily have to be day to day (i.e. if there's no question on a Sunday, answering Saturday's and Monday's will count as being in a row).

Rank My Blog - Active
Users with this score:  1,194
Description:  If you list your blog on Rank My Blog, you'll get this score.

Rank My Homepage - Active
Users with this score:  2,727
Description:  Users who rank their homepages will get a score.

Reviews - Active
Users with this score:  1,791
Description:  Users who write 10 decently long reviews (100 words or more) will get this score.

Rise to Power - Active
Users with this score:  3,775
Description:  If you win a rise to power game, you'll get a score (in addition to conquering the world).

Short Stories - Active
Users with this score:  646
Description:  Users who have a story with 5 chapters OR 5 short stories will get this score.

Soundtrack of My Life - Active
Users with this score:  4,075
Description:  What's on the soundtrack of your life? Enter 5 songs or more on the Soundtrack of My Life and you'll get this score.

Stalker - Active
Users with this score:  77
Description:  Users who are level 10 or higher in the Stalker game will get this score.

Tests - Active
Users with this score:  33,484
Description:  Take a test, get a score!

Top 5 - Active
Users with this score:  8,437
Description:  Users who fill out their top 5 movies, top 5 songs, and top 5 music artists on their profiles will get this score!

Trivia - Active
Users with this score:  941
Description:  Remember movie trivia? Well, if you get a perfect score, you'll get a score!

Tsunami Relief - Inactive
Users with this score:  17
Description:  On December 26, 2004, a devastating tsunami hit parts of Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, and Eastern Africa, causing catastrophic damage and taking the lives of over 150,000 people from all over the world. On January 31, 2005, the Student Center will be sending out a collective donation from all of our members to help with the relief effort. This score will be given to those members who make a donation before January 31, 2005.

Videos - Active
Users with this score:  1
Description:  Users who submit an original video to our videos section will get this score.

Word Hunt - Active
Users with this score:  3,765
Description:  If you win the word hunt for the week, you'll get this score.

XBox - Inactive
Users with this score:  1
Description:  Users who register with the Student Panel have a chance to win an XBox! Users who win an XBox will get this score.
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