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This is an article about a student whom received their college degree even though they were convicting of shooting somebody. Full post/video > > >
A quick thought on the most recent decisions our government has made pertaining to the economy and bankruptcy issues with Chrysler and GM. Full post/video > > >
Discussion about the legalization of marijuana. Full post/video > > >
A look at how our economy has tumbled so far so quickly. Why the American economy is in a recession. Full post/video > > >
A quick summary of who I am, and my first commentary Full post/video > > >
A little less than a month ago, the Peanut Corporation of America issued a recall on 21 lots of peanut butter and peanut paste processed at their Blakely, GA plant due to a Salmonella outbreak that effected more than 600 people, and left 9 dead. Full post/video > > >
The Modern Vegetarian: An Easy Way to Go Green
I am one of over 7.3 million Americans that do not eat meat. I probably need to say that I don't eat fish either. To be really specific I am a lacto-ovo-vegetarian; which means that unlike my vegan brethren, I do eat eggs and dairy. Full post/video > > >
As someone who nitpicks over spelling, grammar, and the like, I couldn't help but notice a glaring factual error in Barack Obama's Inaugural Address yesterday. Full post/video > > >
Inaugural Post on Inauguration Day
Welcome to Politico: the new Politics and Current Events blog at Today is January 20, 2009, and Barack Obama is just about to be sworn in as the 44th President of The United States. No matter what your political beliefs, and no matter where you live, this is a very historic and exciting day. Full post/video > > >

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This is the Blog for politics and current events. Students whom are a part of will be writing to keep everybody up-to-date with the world of politics and current events.

We also encourage everybody to join the discussion in the Debate Forum and the Current Events Forum.
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