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Movies & Film
Welcome to Twitterverse, Keep it Short and Sweet
Twitter. Tweet. Twitted. Tweeting. There are so many retarded words for a website that just deals in micro-blogging or just spastic thoughts of famous and not so famous persons. Full post/video > > >
This is a movie review of the movie, The Watchmen. The movie reviewer didn't like it! Full post/video > > >
How many different ways can it be said without it at all being irritating? NONE. Full post/video > > >
They didn't even think he could hack it. These movie know-it-alls didn't think it was possible. And now the same people that thought it wasn't possible are lobbying for him to win an Oscar because he died right when he was getting good. Full post/video > > >
I think that Philip Seymour Hoffman should win. I really do. I know death makes people stupid and think someone did way better than they actually did, but Heath Ledger was fantastic, but Hoffman actually confused me. Full post/video > > >'s Oscar Picks
The 81st Annual Academy Awards air tonight at 8:00PM EST and we thought we'd try our hand at some Oscar picks. We'll check back in tomorrow to see how we do! Full post/video > > >
This will be a movie blog. It will not just be about what is popular or what is out now. Full post/video > > >

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